Feng Shui Tune-up For 2019

02:24' 07-12-2018
The New Year soon arrives, meaning this is a good time to make adjustments to the feng shui of your home before the Asian New Year in February.

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    If you plan a major renovation, a proper consultation with a professional feng shui expert is wise and safe. However, small changes, a simple “tune-up”, can never do harm.

    Squeaky doors

    Oil squeaky door hinges to create more positive energy when you enter and leave your house. A squeaky door sounds as if it is crying, and this can affect your well-being.

    Front door

    Many of us drive straight into the garage, and enter the house from a side door. This neglects the front door, where positive chi and luck enter your home. Not using it can limit good energy and opportunities in your life. Get into the habit of using the front door once or twice a week, or more often.

    Kitchen cabinets

    The best feng shui is to have no space above the kitchen cabinets, because dust and stagnant energy gather there. If there is space, put some lighting, green plants, or beautiful objects in it. Even plastic plants are suitable, if they look lively and realistic.


    No one likes cleaning windows, but they're your eyes to the world in feng shui, and they let the light in. You want both to be clear.


    Fountains are used in feng shui because water represents wealth. If you have one, make sure it is clean and flowing well.

    Clear space

    Clear old energy from your home by burning incense or essential oils, particularly citrus.

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