Financial Fitness For The New Year

15:19' 21-01-2019
Getting financially fit should be at the top of the list of New Year’s resolutions, according to advice from Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand.

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    “To meet your professional goals and ensure your professional endeavours stick, it’s time to change how we think about next year’s goals, and start planning for them now,” said a CA ANZ spokesperson.

    Here are five fool-proof tips to get financially fit and on the front foot from 1 January:

    Improve your digital presence

    Creating a strong digital presence allows you to identify who your online audience is, and this audience can turn into clients. Update your website, revise your LinkedIn profile, engage with your business Facebook page, publish a new blog update.

    Cloud-based accounting

    Shifting your business to the cloud can often boost productivity and significantly trim down your administration time by managing workflow, as many business leaders have already discovered.Using the cloud enables you to speed up internal and external business processes, so that you and your customers can make real-time decisions.

    Plan key financial deadlines

    Set timely goals to give yourself a realistic timeframe to achieve them. Break down the year’s tasks into separate milestones, with goals for each key deadline.This can help make your milestones more concrete, and create a sense of urgency.

    Connect with colleagues

    Keep up to date with the latest discussions and trends by joining a professional network like CA ANZ. These bodies provide access to networking events and current thought leadership and news across the business landscape.

    Professional development

    Invest in your own professional development,make it a priority. Often we know we need a new skill or qualification, but we decide to leave it until later. Time is not like money, however. To save money, you don’t spend it, but to save time, you must.

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