Find Out Why You Missed The Job

22:21' 07-02-2018
Jobseekers often apply for many jobs before they strike it lucky. When you miss out on a position, its easy to forget about it and just move on to the next application.

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    However, you can turn the missed job chances to your advantage if you ask for feedback from the employer. What they tell you could help you improve your applications, or even your choice of suitable positions to apply for.

    The Career Advice section on recruitment website Seek suggests some reasons why a candidate was not chosen. These include balance of skills, experience at dealing with challenges, or how you fit into the structure of the company.

    Other reasons might be how you present yourself, such as a poor knowledge of the position's needs, lack of evidence of your skills or experience, or even inappropriate photos on your social media profile.

    If you want feedback, Eliza Kirkby of recruitment agency Hays suggests:

    • Get in contact with the recruiter or employer as soon as you are notified that you were unsuccessful.
    • Make it clear from the start that you only want feedback to help you in your job search.
    • Never become argumentative.
    • Phone or email once, with maybe one followup email.

    Good questions to ask are:

    • Were there any skill or capability gaps for the role I applied for?
    • What do you think I can improve upon?
    • What would make me more effective at future interviews?
    • What do you think was the thing I did best?
    • Do you have any other suggestions that could help?

    Never be shy about asking for feedback. Many employers don't like to give it, but it does you no harm to ask. You can even apply again to the same company, and the employer might remember you as someone with an active interest in pursuing a career.

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