Fish Oil Can Help Delay Perimenopause

15:00' 22-08-2018
Menopause or “change in life” in women involves a myriad of complications and health problems, but women can delay it for up to three years if they provide their body with appropriate nutrients.

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    A study recently published in the British Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health has collected data from women in the UK for four years. This is the first study to indicate a direct link between diets and the onset of perimenopause, the time when the ovaries gradually begin to make less oestrogen.

    While the average age for onset of menopause in British women is 51, those who eat a lot of fish, such as salmon, mackerel or sardines, can delay it until they are 54. The effect can be achieved by eating about 90 grams per day.

    A diet rich in fresh beans is also associated with later menopause, with a 90g portion per day delaying it for one year.

    The study has also shown that supplementing the body with large amounts of vitamin B6 and zinc also helps delay the onset of perimenopause.

    On the other hand, people who eat a lot of starchy foods, like pasta or rice, start their perimenopause 18 months earlier.

    On average, the study found that for meat eaters perimenopause begins one year later than for vegetarians.

    According to researchers, the antioxidants found in fish oil and beans can affect the maturation and release of eggs, helping maintain longer menstrual cycles. At the same time, refined carbohydrates may increase the risk of insulin resistance. This affects the functioning of sex hormones and increases oestrogen levels, leading to faster egg depletion.

    The age for the onset of menopause can seriously affect some women’s health,” said study co-author, Janet Cade, Professor of nutritional epidemiology.

    “A clear understanding of how diets affect the onset of natural menopause will be very beneficial to those who may have been at risk or have a family history of some complications related to menopause.”

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