Fitness Myths That Can Harm Your Health

18:54' 16-04-2018
If you exercise regularly, you want to get the best results. This leads people to believe in all kinds of special tricks to help achieve those results. However, often the idea does not fit the reality.




    The best time for a workout is when you feel ready to exercise. Studies show there is no real difference between morning and evening workouts, so long as you are consistent.

    Skipping a few weeks

    When you achieve your fitness goal, don’t give up regular exercise. Most people lose muscle tone after just a one-week break.


    Short distance runs produce the same heart condition as running marathons. Also, light exercise like jogging and walking are better for the body, because the cardiovascular system can adjust.


    Jogging on a treadmill is not the same as in fresh air, even if you jog the same distance. Running against the wind works an important group of muscles, and burns 10% more calories than on a treadmill.

    Knee and ankle damage

    There is no proof that running damages your knees and ankles. It actually makes them stronger and less susceptible to injuries.

    Energy drinks

    Energy drinks are mainly sugar and water. The best effects come from drinking pure water, and restoring energy after a workout with protein-rich food.

    Protein bars

    A protein bar is processed food that requires fewer calories to digest, so it is less useful than oatmeal or other cereals.

    Dairy products

    Dairy products are not the only foods rich in calcium, and too much can actually be unhealthy. Broccoli, sesame seeds, and spinach are also a good calcium source.

    Brain training

    Crosswords and puzzles are only one way to develop the brain. Physical exercise helps both the body and the brain, by increasing blood flow faster.

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