Five Things To Know About Wellbeing Programs

19:35' 04-04-2018
After research found 49% of Australian workers were likely to look for a new job in the next year, global HR think-tank Reventure launched a national campaign called “A future that works”. The campaign aims to highlight effective and practical solutions to help workplaces engage more actively with modern challenges.

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    The Workplace Wellbeing report, based on a survey of 1,000 Australian workers, shows that programs to improve wellbeing in the workplace must be meaningful to employees.

    Lead researcher Dr Lindsay McMillan found five key facts employers need to know in order to achieve this goal.

    • Just over half of Australian workers believe unrealistic workload expectations have the greatest negative impact on wellbeing.

    Dr McMillan says if workers are “drowning in more deadlines than there are hours in the day”, then talk of wellbeing will fall on deaf ears.

    • Three out of four workers believe wellbeing includes both physical and mental wellbeing.

    Both should be encouraged side by side.

    • More than a third (38%) of workers believe low team morale has the most negative impact.

    Dr McMillan suggests socialising, with team-oriented events, must be included in a wellbeing plan. This could be anything from a sports team to a simple regular office lunch.

    • Half of Australians say family is one of the biggest causes of stress in their life.

    Employers need to make it easier for them to give priority to family commitments.

    • Most encouragingly, about three-quarters (74%) of workers believe wellbeing programs are worth the time and money.

    Therefore, Dr McMillan believes, wellbeing programs are worth both the time and money, if carried out correctly.

    More information on the campaign, and other useful studies, can be found at

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