Fixing Energy Flow In Rental Houses

19:10' 29-11-2017
Many people think that tenants do not necessarily care about feng shui because they are not the house owner.

    (Ảnh minh hoạ).


    However, for long-term residence, tenants are still affected by the home environment. Therefore, feng shui for rental rooms/houses needs attention.

    Bagua map

    Make a floor plan of your home and mark the Bagua directions to understand how energy is flowing. Use the map to choose artwork, colours, furniture etc to help you take possession of the space.

    Doors and windows

    If you feel overwhelmed by unnecessary room doors, closet doors or windows, then close them. This will help good energy move through your house more easily.

    Keep it neat

    Keeping the house neat and clean is the ideal condition for feng shui energy to move through it better. Regular cleaning the house is also a way to show your ownership of the house.

    Keep clutter to a minimum. By showing respect to your living space, you increase your sense of ownership.


    Place your bed, couch, desk and other furniture so you can clearly see the door. This is the “Command Position”, and helps you feel safe and secure.


    Use curtains of the right colour and material to frame views of the outside, bringing the power of nature into your home.

    You can also use mirrors to reflect light and nature, and give depth to narrow spaces. It is best to use big, beautiful mirrors.

    Make physical changes

    If your landlord agrees, replace items such as doorknobs, light switches or toilet seats, or paint with colours that better suit the feng shui elements you need. You may have to agree to change everything back when you move out.

    Clearing ceremony

    Hire a feng shui expert to advise you how to perform a “space clearing ceremony”, to get rid of any negative energies from previous tenants. Although you can ask an expert to do the ceremony, it is better if you carry it out yourself, because you will live in the house.

    Phung Nguyen & Yan Yi


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