Food Combinations That Are Bad For Your Health

19:13' 08-11-2017
Variety in what we eat is important, but it is also important to enjoy variety correctly. Although some foods are good for us in themselves, they can have bad effects on our health if we eat them at the same time.

    Different Kinds Of Proteins: Food Combinations To Avoid For Better Health


    You should avoid the following combinations, according to the principles of Ayurvedic medicine.

    Different proteins

    When two proteins have different compositions, they need different digestive processes. For example, cheese and meat together in an omelette can be hard to digest.


    Milk is a complete food in itself, so it should be taken alone. Combining milk with other foods is a major cause of indigestion. Especially avoid it after eating radish or garlic, and don't mix it with fruit.


    Tea, coffee, alcohol and soft drinks actually slow down normal digestion, because they dilute enzymes in your stomach. Avoid tea or coffee with breakfast or any solid meal.

    Cold water

    Freshly cooked food warm food is easily digested by the body, but cold water takes out the heat, and the body has to work much harder to digest the food.


    Whole fruits with fibre move quickly through the intestines, to be digested and absorbed fully. If they are mixed with other food, they sit in the stomach and ferment, causing indigestion.

    Freshly cooked food

    Cooking food changes its structure, that changes again when it cools, and changes yet again when it is reheated. So if you combine foods at different stages, such as freshly cooked with reheated or cold food, the body has trouble digesting it.


    Meat should not be eaten with honey, sugar, radish, lotus stalk, milk, and germinated grains.

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