Four Lists You Need Before The Wedding

13:05' 13-06-2018
Planning a wedding can be stressful, especially with the worry you will forget something vital. With Internet and smartphones, you can plan for and keep track of everything carefully, helping you keep up your spirit ahead of the big day.

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    Here are four lists you should draw up before the wedding day to make everything go smoothly.

    Expected guest list

    After discussing and drafting the guest list with your family, create a Google Doc or take note of it with an electronic application such as Evernote, for editing, saving or sharing at any time you want. This list will include guest names, the number of guests, and their addresses and telephone numbers. In this way, you can check the guest list, prepare the necessary seating in the wedding hall and get a budget for the party.

    To-do list

    Every bride will need a to-do list even if they hire a professional wedding planner. Whether it is a traditional notebook or an electronic application, it is useful as long as you organise and update your notes every day.

    Save the gift list

    Create a spreadsheet to record the list of gifts guests give you, so you can repay them when you have the chance to do so. This is also a great reference for what to prepare when you are invited to someone's wedding later.

    List for the big day

    Make a list of things you will need on the actual day wedding, everything from toothpaste to the wedding dress. Also, prepare a small “rescue bag” of tissue paper, needle, thread, and money. There is nothing worse than when little things go chaotic at the last minute, putting you in a bad mood for your wedding.

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