Fresh Foods That Help Shed Winter Weight

18:41' 24-08-2017
During Winter, 44% of Australians add up to 5 kilos to their weight. As Spring approaches, many will try to lose this weight in the lead up to the warmer months.

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    Leading corporate catering service Order-In has revealed that the demand for healthy options significantly increases as the weather starts to heat up, with a 37% increase in orders for salads compared to the colder months.

    To help shed the Winter weight, Order-In lists five fresh food facts that will improve your diet straight away.


    Broccoli contains twice as much Vitamin C as oranges, which many believe has the power to boost the immune system. A 60gm serve can provide all your daily Vitamin C needs.


    Apples are rich in fructose sugar, high in carbohydrates, and have a high vitamin and mineral content. They provide an energy boost like coffee, but not as intense.


    Pecan nuts are one of the most antioxidant rich nuts. Antioxidants help fight oxidation, a normal chemical process that occurs in the body, which can cause damage if there is a disruption in the natural oxidation process. This can be increased by stress, alcohol, car fumes and pollution, so a diet high in antioxidants can keep you nice and healthy.


    Seaweed, also known by its Japanese name nori, has higher levels of iodine than almost every other food, essential for the normal regulation of thyroid function, which affects multiple metabolic processes in the body. For those who don't like sushi, you can still use nori crumbled up and sprinkled over any food as a seasoning or condiment.


    Cheese has one of the highest protein-to-calorie ratios, similar to turkey and fish, just over 1 gram per 4 calories. Other protein sources, even tofu, have a lower ratio. The cheeses with the most protein are low-fat mozzarella and cottage cheese.

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