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19:36' 21-01-2019
Whatever you major in, graduating with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) could be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

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    Although it calls for extra cost in time and study, the benefits are many. It is a respected qualification that can open up top-level positions in finance, digital business, global management, marketing, strategy consultation, entrepreneurship, luxury, and hospitality.


    An MBA offers valuable lessons in leadership, adaptability, team-building and problem-solving. Studying in an internationally diverse program also strengthens your important cross-cultural communication skills.


    By studying an MBA, you can expand your network of contacts and potential colleagues in the classroom and in the business world. According to ESSECBusiness School, 65% of MBA graduates found their job through networking.Some programs, including some offered at ESSEC, even offer the chance to study abroad in places like Singapore and France.

    Job Prospects

    Even if an MBA isn’t a requirement for your chosen career path, it could be a bonus or even an essential qualification for a management or directorship position. An MBA shows you have gone above and beyond your undergraduate degree. Also, the skills you gain during your MBA are relevant in all areas of business.

    Career Change

    MBA skills can be used in any industry, business or country, increasing your choices when you consider a career change later in life, including starting your own business.

    Earnings Potential

    The MBA program is designed for those already in, or working towards, upper management and leadership positions, which are usually accompanied by a higher salary and increased responsibility.

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