Getting The Most Out Of Dating A Stranger

14:13' 09-07-2018
There are no simple methods for “successful dating”, however, there are some steps you can take to ensure you make the best use of the opportunity.

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    First impressions


    Take pride in your appearance, but don’t overdo it. Observe basic hygiene, including your teeth and hair, and wear clothes in good condition. Above all, arrive on time.

    Meeting place

    Show you have initiative by suggesting a place to meet that is easy to get to and safe. You can agree to your date’s suggestion, but don’t put all the responsibility on your date.

    Control your speech

    Avoid talking too much out of nervousness, or to make yourself look more interesting. Be short and concise. Don’t complain, especially about your ex or start deep discussions of politics. Most important, listen to your date and ask questions.

    Turn off the phone

    There should only be two people at the table. Some people arrange for a friend to call, so if the date is going badly, they can use the call as an excuse to break it off early. Even if a date is going badly, you should see it through.

    Offer to pay

    Although is no longer the custom for men to always pay the bill, it is a good gesture to offer. If the woman wants to pay her share, accept it gracefully.

    The next date

    Arrange another date as soon as possible. Try to set a time frame before you part. Suggest an activity, such as a movie, but don't invite unless your date shows real enthusiasm. If you know you will be busy over the next weeek, say so.

    Get feedback from a friend

    Discuss your date with a trusted friend. The friend may ask questions which help you make a decision, or guide your behaviour next time.

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