Getting Your NBN Service Up To Speed

17:05' 15-08-2017
The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) says it will get tough on internet service providers that mislead consumers about National Broadband Network (NBN) speeds, using vague phrases like “Very Fast” and “Super Fast”.

    Kết quả hình ảnh cho Australians left to monitor their own NBN broadband speeds


    NBN Co is building the infrastructure, with 5.7 million premises now able to connect to the network, but to make that connection you have to deal with any of almost 150 listed Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

    ACCC chairman Rod Sims says many consumers are confused about speed advertising, and the industry has been “inconsistent in making clear, accurate information available”. To improve information about broadband, the ACCC is currently running a $7 million trial of NBN speed monitoring, and invites consumers to be part of it.

    The chief concern of most consumers, and also the chief claim the government has made for the NBN, is greater internet speed, so it is no surprise that ISPs target this when they try to get a consumer's business.

    Many ISPs, such as Telstra, Optus and iiNet, currently provide internet speed tests for their customers. However, the speeds you experience in general use can be significantly lower than the “peak” speed advertised.

    In Australia, premises with fibre connections to the NBN can theoretically get a peak rate of 100Mbps (Megabits per second). In fact, there are five tiers of NBN connections, varying from Tier 1 (12Mbps download and 1Mbps upload speeds) to Tier 5 (100Mbps of download and 40Mbps upload).

    Speeds can often be slower than promised, because of a problem between the premises and the NBN network, congestion and delays in national and international networks, or other reasons. Your speed can also vary through the day, and from one service to another.

    To get a better idea of the real speed of your internet connection you should use another speed testing service, in addition to the one recommended by your ISP.  This is easily done, as these services are available on the internet and easy to access.

    Some typical speed tests are:

    • Oz Broadband Speed Test ( 
    • Speed of Me (  
    • (  
    • ( 

    Repeat your measurement at different times of the day, and keep detailed notes of the results.

    If you think your NBN connection is too slow and not what you were promised, you should first raise the problem with your ISP. If they fail to resolve the issue, report it to the ACCC.

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    From an article by Thas Nirmalathas in The Conversation

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