Getting Your Tongue Around Aussie Slang

17:25' 07-03-2019
Every language has its own features, and English is no exception. However, the way English is spoken in different countries can vary a great deal.

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    Even people from English-speaking countries sometimes say they find it hard to understand what Australians are talking about.

    Some words vary from state to state. For example, a standard glass of beer is called a “pot” in Victoria, a “middy” in NSW, and a “schooner” in SA. In the eastern states, a “schooner” is a much larger glass.

    We hope this guide will help you understand some of the more common slang words you may hear in Australia.

    • Arvo - Afternoon

    • Barbie - BBQ or barbecue. Australian men traditionally take charge of cooking a barbie.

    • Bikkie - Biscuit

    • Bingle - Motor vehicle accident

    • Bloke - Man, guy

    • Chewy - Chewing gum

    • Chook - Chicken, usually a hen. The word rhymes with “look”.

    • Cuppa - Cup of tea or coffee

    • Footy - Australian Rules Football, not soccer or rugby.

    • Flat out - To be very busy

    • G’day - Hello, short for "good day"

    • Garbo - Garbage collector

    • Knock - Criticise something. The person who does this is a “knocker”.

    • Mozzies - Mosquitoes

    • Op shop – or opp shop, short for Opportunity shop or thrift store, where second-hand goods can be bought.

    • Postie - Postman

    • Rego – Car registration

    • Shout – Pay for someone else’s drink or meal

    • Smoko - Cigarette or coffee break

    • Sook – a weak complaining person. The word rhymes with “look”.

    • Sunnies – Sunglasses

    • Ute - Utility vehicle, what Americans call a pick up truck.

    • Yakka - Hard work (used as a noun)

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