Gifts You Should Never Give In Fengshui

18:10' 26-04-2018
Giving gifts greatly influences the recipients finances and luck, so it is necessary to be very careful which items you should not buy for someone.

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    An empty wallet

    A wallet with no money inside is a symbol of poverty and neediness. If you give someone a wallet, you should put some small banknotes in it. This will increase the wallet owner's good luck. This custom is also known by many Australians, who believe you should put a coin in a wallet intended as a gift.

    Knives and scissors

    Sharp objects represent hostility, threats, and separation in relationships. Absolutely avoid giving those you love gifts such as kitchen utensils, knives, scissors, etc.

    Clocks and watches

    Both clocks and watches symbolise the flow of time. In fengshui, this can mean being too busy and having too little time. In Chinese culture, they are also considered a bad luck gift, because the Chinese word for clock sounds similar to another word that means “dead”. It also sounds similar to the word “finished” or “over”, so you should never give a clock as a wedding present.

    Spiky plants

    Spiky plants are a symbol of pain and hurt in romantic and other close relationships. Never give your relatives, friends, spouse or lover plants like cacti. Instead, give them bonsais that represent good luck, like the lucky bamboo, betel, etc.

    Shoes or umbrellas

    Shoes and umbrellas mean separation in fengshui. If you give them to someone, you and the recipient will very likely part company.


    Handkerchieves are thought to be negative because they are often used to wipe away tears and sweat. Sweat and tears are directly related to suffering, sadness, strenuousness and fatigue. In fengshui this means they accumulate negative energy, which will bring sorrow and bad luck to the recipient.

    If you accidentally receive gifts such as the above, do not return them or refuse them. Instead, pay the giver a coin, as if you are buying the gift. This will cancel the bad luck from them.

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