Good Feng Shui Positions For Clocks

12:47' 08-05-2018
Clocks are the symbol of life, as well as a great ornament.

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    Some people believe having a clock in your home is bad for feng shui. In fact, if you know how to place a clock for good feng shui, you can also use it to boost your chances of success.

    • To study well, place your clock in the North area of the classroom or study room.

    • To encourage creativity, place it in the East area of your house. This helps your brain develop, and as a result, you can think more broadly.

    • To develop a great vision, place it in the West of the house.

    • To build up your reputation, put it in the South. This is even more of a benefit if you can also place it in the bedroom. However, this is better if it is a small clock, not a large one.

    • To get a promotion at work, place it in the South.

    • Those who work in the real estate or security fields should place it in the North.

    • If you are involved in agricultural work, put it in the Southwest. This will make your farmwork easier, and your farm products very popular.

    At the same time, you also need to give your clock the right attention. If it stops working, replace its batteries immediately. This makes your life seamless.

    Concerning bad places for clocks, don't put a clock where you can see it as soon as you enter the house. Also, don't place a Metal clock in the East area, or that can affect your family's health.

    Phung Nguyen


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