Good Fengshui For Families In Business

18:30' 11-04-2018
The interior of a house has a definite impact on the fortunes of families doing business. Some attention to interior design is important to attract good fortune and more success in your work.

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    Much of this advice relies on the personal fengshui element of the house owner. This is based on the year you are born, according to the Asian Lunar Year. You can find your personal element on a simple chart, such as the one at


    Placing the sofa so it faces the main door has a positive meaning, helping the house owner attract good fortune.


    Aquariums are good for business fengshui because water and fish are both strong wealth symbols. They also help a house feel lively and close to nature. Place them in the East or Southeast. You can also place an aquarium in the North or East sections of a home.

    Never place a fish tank in the kitchen, the bedroom, or the centre of a house.

    The number of fishes in an aquarium should correspond to the house owner’s fengshui element.

    • Water: 1-6 fish

    • Wood: 3-8 fish

    • Earth 5-10 fish

    • Fire: 2-7 fish

    • Metal: 4-9 fish


    Balconies are the most important area for attracting positive energy into a house. You should always keep balconies clean and bright, and avoid placing broken objects on them or plant too many trees. You should not plant trees at all if your balconies are in the Southwest or Northeast.


    Yellow is a good colour for interior decoration, because it represents prosperity, thriving business, and blessings. You should place some yellow furniture or accessories in the West of the house to increase your fortune and prosperity.

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