Grease Still Flowing Smoothly After 40 Years

18:52' 09-04-2018
Music, dance, and high school romance all met in the 1978 movie Grease, still popular after four decades, and considered the “iconic” teen musical by most critics.

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    The movie also made the careers of Australian singer Olivia Newton-John and US actor John Travolta, although Travolta's career turned out to be less spectacular than Newton-John's.

    They played the lead roles of Australian exchange student Sandy and auto enthusiast Danny, who meet during their final year of high school and go through all the highs and lows of friendships, romances and adventures.

    The story is really brought out in the show's many songs and dance routines, with the common factor being exuberant fun.

    Set in the 1950s, the title “Grease” has a double meaning. It is essential for a car engine to run smoothly, but is also a symbol of fashion and glamour, with hair grease becoming a feature of every teen's bathroom.

    Although most people know Grease as a movie, it was first written in 1971 as a musical for the stage. It is appropriate that Grease is now returning to the stage, as a performance by the Harvest Rain Theatre Company in Melbourne's Hisense Arena.

    Grease has a limited season in Melbourne, From Friday 13 April to Sunday 15 April. Tickets range from $69.00 to $147.00 plus booking fee.

    For details and bookings, phone 9286 1600 or visit the website




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