Green Chilli Gives Wine A Kick

18:56' 30-07-2018
Mexico and the southern United States are famous for the use of chillis in their cuisine, in such dishes as tamale, enchilada and chilli con carne.


    The town of Hatch, in the US state of New Mexico, is famous throughout the region for its chillis, especially its green chillis, according to Atlas Obscura. Every year after the autumn harvest, the locals buy them by the bagful, and roast them to bring out their smoky, spicy flavour.

    New Mexico also has a long history of wine production. It began in the 17th century when Spanish monks planted vineyards to make wine for religious ceremonies.

    The nearby St. Clair Winery has combined the two traditions in their Hatch Green Chile Wine. They soak roasted, chopped green chillis in cold white wine, then remove the chillis before bottling. The wine has a light green tint and mild peppery aftertaste.

    The wine can be drunk with a meal, or mixed into sauces and marinades.

    The winery also uses pureed red chillis to make a wine with a smokier and spicier flavour, Hatch Red Chile Wine. It is less popular than the green variety, but Atlas Obscura says some people like combining it with chocolate desserts.

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