Habits That Cause Serious Kidney Damage

19:52' 23-08-2017
Some of your daily habits can inadvertently damage your kidneys. In the long run, these actions can lead to serious kidney diseases. Difficulty breathing, nausea, anaemia, bad breath, and cold or itchy skin, are among the symptoms of kidney problems.

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    Not drinking enough water causes kidney functions to be impaired, and also increases the amount of toxins accumulated in the body, contributing to overworked kidneys. Therefore, you need to provide your body with enough water every day. Drinking water when seated is best.


    Excess proteins from eating too much meat can cause kidney problems, because during the protein digestion process, the kidneys are put under pressure and increase nitrogen in the metabolism. This  will impair their filter function, possibly leading to serious problems.

    Delayed toilet visits

    The habit of putting off the time for a toilet visit causes urine to build up in the bladder, increasing bacteria in the long run. This can lead to urinary tract infections or kidney function impairment. If you have this habit, get rid of it before your kidneys are damaged.

    Little sleep

    Sleeping seven to eight hours a day contributes to the regeneration of tissues. Research has shown that lack of sleep will affect organ functions in the body, including the kidneys. Adjust your schedule to leave time for enough sleep.

    Too much salt

    Eating too much salt or salty food is not good for the kidneys at all. Taking too much sodium into the body causes the kidneys to increase their activity. In the long term, this will overwork and damage the kidneys.

    Painkiller abuse

    Abuse of painkillers not only affects the brain but also damages the kidneys. The habit can reduce the blood flow to this organ. In particular, people with kidney problems should use painkillers only as directed by their doctor to prevent avoidable harm.

    Cleaning your kidneys

    The kidney cleaning process is simple and does not cost a lot of money. The best practice is to drink plenty of water at regular intervals.

    Some vegetable juices can clean your kidneys, including kale, spinach, carrot, lettuce, cucumber and celery. Nutrients and antioxidants in them help remove toxins from the body. Beetroots contain phytochemicals that are very good for health, and beetroot juice can even reduce acid in your urine.

    If you are not comfortable with vegetables, you can try fruits like apples, peaches, pineapples, pears and oranges. Some studies suggest that lemon juice can reduce the risk of kidney stones. Cranberry juice is thought to prevent some types of urinary tract infections.

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