Habits That Help You Age Well

15:25' 07-02-2019
We all look for ways to stay younger for longer, but the habits you need to follow vary as you age.

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    The ABC's Ask the Doctor program asked experts from the University of Melbourne to offer some practical tips and tricks.

    In your 20s

    At this age, begin to reduce your skin cancer risk by protecting your skin from UV rays with a shirt, hat and sunscreen. Also, whenever outside or driving, wear sunglasses to protect your eyesight.

    In your 30s

    You probably have major career and family responsibilities at this age, so avoid the temptation to cut back on sleep. Aim at getting at least 7 hours of sleep each night.

    In your 40s

    This is when the first signs of ageing show in your body. It may be weaker eyesight, poorer hearing, or tiring more easily. If you have been a smoker, now think seriously about quitting. Also cut back your alcohol intake, and pay greater attention to a healthy diet.

    In middle age

    In your 50s and 60s you should be cutting back your workload. As the saying goes, “Work smarter, not harder.” Get regular medical checkups to keep an eye on your wellbeing. Don’t just go to the doctor when you feel ill. Combine a diverse wholesome diet with regular exercise, aiming for 30-60 minutes most days.

    In advanced age

    From the 70s on, everyone varies in mental and physical ability, so do your best to keep these in good trim, without wearing yourself out or creating stress. At this time of life, your most important asset is a strong social network, in a close community of friends and family.

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