Habits That Shorten Your Laptop's Life

20:13' 02-11-2017
Some people have habits with seem harmless but are not very good for your laptop.

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    A bed for pets

    Pets love lying on laptops because they generate heat while they work. But if you let pets do this, their hairs can get trapped in the heat sink, making the device overheat very fast.

    Treat the charger gently

    No matter how busy you are, do not unplug the charger roughly. It is one of the most perishable parts of the laptop.

    Also, don't twist or bend the rechargeable cable of your laptop, because this can loosen joints, leading to a short circuit.

    Cooler pads

    The heat sink of a laptops is not as powerful as a desktop’s, so if you place the device on your knees, desk, bed or pillow for too long, this can cause it to overheat. To increase the longevity of your laptop, buy a separate cooler pad to cool the machine down.

    Opening and closing

    You should not hold the edge of the laptop screen to open it. This will put one side of it under too much pressure, and may weaken the hinges. Open your laptop with both hands and lift the screen up in the middle.

    Plug in all day

    Technically, you can hardly make a laptop battery die when it is plugged in all the time. However, the smart processor that keeps your laptop from overcharging will work continuously, and may wear out quickly.

    Drink stand

    Sitting a cup of water that is too hot or cold on your laptop may damage the internal components, due to sudden temperature changes.

    It is also a good practice not to eat or drink when using a laptop, as this will attract insects into it, easily causing damage.

    Careless transport

    Aggressively moving laptop with a built-in hard drive (not solid-state drives) can ruin its disk more quickly.

    Incomplete shutdown

    Many people just close the screen without shutting the laptop down, to turn it on faster next time. This will not shut it down completely. Over time, your laptop is working constantly, reducing the durability of its components.

    Clean your laptop

    You should clean your laptop once a month with a microfibre towel and specialised cleaning solution.

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