Habits To Avoid After A Meal

19:03' 08-05-2018
Some seemingly harmless habits can be dangerous to your health if you practise them straight after a main meal.

    No Fruit

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    Eating fruit

    The habit of eating fruit as a dessert accidentally harms your health. Although the fruit refreshes your mouth, it will slow down the digestion process, because of an insufficient supply of enzymes. This can lead to heartburn, indigestion or bloating. It is best to eat fruit about an hour after a meal.

    Taking a bath

    Bathing immediately after a meal increases blood pressure in your legs and arms, dramatically reducing the blood flow to your stomach. This weakens the digestive system and causes stomach pain. Bathing an hour after meals will aid a more stable digestive process.


    Sleeping after a meal can cause discomfort, bloating or stomach burning. This is also the cause of acid reflux, since the digestive process is affected, and can lead to ulcers. Studies show that the risk of stroke in people who do not sleep straight after a meal is usually less than those who have this habit.

    Drinking tea

    Drinking tea immediately after a meal reduces iron absorption by up to 87%. Moreover, the active ingredients in tea can affect the lining of the stomach when you have just eaten. To protect your health, don't drink tea until about an hour after your meal.


    Many people think that doing physical exercise after eating helps digest food faster. However, activities like running or jumping immediately after eating cause the digestive process to be reversed, and can make you more vulnerable to abdominal pain. The only safe exercise after a meal is a leisurely 30 minute walk. This way, you can work off energy without harming your health.

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