Hacking Could Be Career Of The Future

13:40' 23-05-2018
The rapid growth of automation and digital technology has not only expanded our lives in many ways, it has also created a new security problem called cybercrime, carried out by a new kind of criminal, the “hacker”.

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    Before the internet, there was no such thing as cybercrime or hackers. Even in the early days of the internet, most hackers carried out pranks rather than crimes. Now we hear of stolen money and even stolen identities, not to mention interference in political elections, all done with a few clicks of the mouse.

    However, companies, software developers and governments can beat hackers at their own game by employing ethical hackers, also called “white hat” hackers. Their job is to find security weaknesses in systems, networks and applications, and fix them. Often a business will hire a white hat hacker to try to break into their network, to test the strength of its defences. Ethical hackers are in demand all over the world.

    Whether black or white hatted, some basic skills are common to all hackers:

    • They are highly focused on data and data handling.

    • They have a very good eye for detail.

    • They enjoy solving problems and puzzles.

    • They work well in teams.

    • They have a keen curiosity and a playful attitude.

    The last is particularly important, because this is where most hackers start acquiring their skills. Glenn Grant, an ethical hacker and a graduate of Canberra University’s Technologist Cluster, began playing with computing and coding around the age of 12, developing an interest in how things work.

    Although many hackers began their career simply by trying things out, you can tailor a career in this area by choosing the skills to acquire from the beginning, such as Java, SQL, SharePoint, Adobe Photoshop and website development.

    To turn these skills into a qualification, the University of Canberra suggests studies in Information Technology, Software Engineering, Web Design and Production, and also Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

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