Hanging Pictures In Children's Bedrooms

16:41' 22-05-2018
Many parents love to buy and hang paintings in their childrens bedrooms to inspire them to be creative and eager to learn. If you do this, you also need to consider the feng shui elements, so you know what kinds of pictures are best to hang, and what to avoid.

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    • Fierce animals may cause your children to feel fearful, badly affecting their health and psychology.

    • Animals such as frogs, toads or reptiles.

    • Lakes, rivers, streams or anything related to water.

    • Religious paintings or images, such as crosses or religious figures.

    • Cloud lamps or artificial clouds hanging over your children's head will make them feel closed in and uncomfortable.

    Positive Influences

    • In general, hang cheerful, happy, and positive pictures in children's bedrooms.

    • To stimulate creativity and curiosity, hang pictures with academic content, such as globes, books, or useful learning experiences.

    • Animals with positive associations, such as horses, means to bring happiness and bravery. Another good choice is the turtle, bringer of luck and fortune.

    • Hanging pictures of parents in a child's bedroom is also a way to help the child develop love and respect for the parents, as well as the whole family.


    Consult a feng shui site or book to find your child's feng shui element according to their year of birth. Then choose a picture appropriate to that element.

    • Metal: monkey or chicken

    • Wood: tiger, rabbit or cat

    • Water: monkey or pig

    • Fire: birds

    • Earth: dogs

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