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19:21' 16-04-2018
The Federation of Ethnic Communities’ Councils of Australia (FECCA) is urging migrants and Australian citizens with overseas connections or sympathies to take part in an online survey set up by a Parliamentary Committee.

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    The survey gives all Australians a chance to have their say on the proposed new citizenship legislation. If passed, the Bill would require an eight year wait to apply for citizenship, instead of one year, and also demands high-level English competency.

    The survey is very simple, asking only for your email address, your name, and whether you agree with the Bill.

    FECCA believes that long waiting periods for citizenship and excessively high English competence are “unjust, unfair and cruel barriers” to new arrivals, and asks responders to say “No” to the Bill.

    In a media release, FECCA says, “The great story of multicultural Australia reflects the economic success and social harmony created by Australia’s migrants.” These barriers would limit the migrant contribution to Australia.

    The online survey can be found at www.aph.gov.au/Parliamentary_Business/Committees/Senate/Legal_and_Constitutional_Affairs/Citizenshipbill2018/Online_survey.

    The survey closes at 5pm on 27 April.

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