Healthy Skin Advice From The Experts

20:36' 19-09-2018
Everywhere we look, we see advice and hints for skin care. The following suggestions come from professional dermatologists, who have the best knowledge.

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    Remove makeup before sleep

    Removing makeup, cleansing your face and applying moisturiser before going to bed are essential  basic habits if you want to keep your skin healthy and smooth.

    Use a mild cleanser

    Cleansers with too high a pH can cause your skin to lose moisture and become dry, and more likely to develop wrinkles. Choose a cleanser with a pH of 5.5.

    Rose water toner

    Applying rose water toner within 10 seconds after cleansing your face will help replenish your skin with moisture in a timely manner, and better absorb skin care products you use later. If you apply rose water toner too much later, your skin will be prone to dry out on the surface and produce more oil.

    Do not squeeze pimples

    Squeezing pimples by hands is a bad habit. It is the main cause of pore inflammation. If you have mild acne, you should use acne treatment products and cleanse your skin every day to improve the condition. If you have severe acne, you should see a dermatologist for appropriate stronger treatments.

    Add oil to moisturiser

    If you have dry skin, do not hesitate to add a little oil to your moisturiser to improve its moisturising ability.

    Apply sunscreen daily

    Applying sunscreen regularly is an important habit to acquire. Whether it is sunny or rainy, summer or winter, your skin still needs to be protected from ultraviolet rays and the impact of the environment.

    Water, fruit and vegetables

    Water, fruits and vegetables are “precious medicines” for your skin. Eat less fast foods, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages, because they are bad for your health in many ways, including making your skin prone to acne or premature aging. Drink water regularly to maintain your moisture balance.

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