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16:58' 07-03-2019
Apart from Australia’s world-class colleges and universities, many international students are attracted by the unique scenery and animal life of Australia. Of course, most of this cannot be seen in the cities.

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    Students Explore Australia (SEA) was set up to provide this service for students. The company works with other organisations to provide camps, tours and day trips to various locations across South Australia and Uluru, showcasing Aussie outback culture, Indigenous culture, and learning through travel.

    SEA is organising a camp on Kangaroo Island over the weekend of Saturday and Sunday 23-24 March.

    Kangaroo Island is one of Australia most iconic natural environments, with abundant plant and animal life, including koalas, kangaroos, echidnas, seals, and a wide variety of birds. The island is also home to a rich variety of wildflowers.

    Stunning landscape features include the magnificent Admirals Arch and the well-named Remarkable Rocks, along with a number of excellent beaches.

    Kangaroo Island is also home to a unique species of bee, producing a unique blend of honey. To protect this industry, it is forbidden to take bee or honey products from the mainland to the island.

    The weekend camp costs $350 per student. Friends or family can take part for $378. The cost covers all transport, meals, and park passes.

    Because the tour is based in South Australia, you first need to get to Adelaide.

    For full details on this and other travel options, please visit and check out “Upcoming Tours”.

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