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16:53' 16-11-2017
Working out the details of getting a mortgage is difficult enough, but it becomes a lot harder if there is a language barrier. Now an online mortgage broking marketplace, HashChing, has launched a new feature to overcome the problem.

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    One in five Australians speak a language other then English at home. HashChing has created a network of partner brokers that speak 64 languages altogether. They include the top 10 languages found by the 2016 Census to be spoken at home in Australia, including Mandarin, Cantonese, and Vietnamese.

    HashChing is Australia’s first online marketplace allowing consumers to access great home loan deals without having to shop around. It is completely free, connecting customers directly with verified mortgage brokers who further negotiate better rates from lenders.

    Consumers can ask any home loan related question on HashChing, and only verified financial experts will respond. This allows people to make smart and informed financial decisions.

    According to HashChing's network, 78% of brokers surveyed believe that borrowers who aren't fluent in English should get help with their home loan in their native tongue.

    “The needs of multicultural Australia aren’t being adequately serviced by the big banks when it comes to applying for a mortgage,” says Atul Narang, HashChing’s CIO.

    “Often, we get borrowers from non-English-speaking countries come to us after a bad experience dealing directly with one of the big banks,” says HashChing broker Michelle Ivanov, whose own team can speak 17 languages in total.

    HashChing's mortgage broker finder, now including this new feature, can be found at www.hashching.com.au/mortgage-broker-finder.

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