How Many Jobs To List On Your CV

18:07' 29-08-2017
Using your CV to apply for a job, you want to give employers the widest range of your skills, so they can judge whether you are suitable for the position.

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    However, too much detail makes a long CV, and an employer might not want to read through all of it. But if you leave out too many jobs, that makes your CV look incomplete, and full of holes.

    Most job recruitment agencies suggest that one page is best, but for a higher level position, you could go to two or three pages if your employment history is relevant.

    If you have a large number of jobs, design your CV so that it shows your ability as a worker, not just a list of jobs. The following are ways you can achieve this to present yourself in the strongest light.

    Recent positions

    The most detailed jobs should be the last three you held. For any jobs before them, just list names of employers, dates of employment and the role title.

    Job changes

    If you have changed jobs often, explain why in your CV. Use brief statements, such as it was a short-term contract, you were made redundant, or you left to study or travel.


    Explain any gaps in your CV. If you were unemployed for some time, mention any contract work or volunteer jobs you did in that time.

    Detail relevant content

    If one of your previous jobs is very relevant to the job you’re applying for, include the details which show this.


    Arrange your CV according to your skills or positions held. Under each of those headings, list the jobs where you used those skills or held the positions. Include dates of employment and the name of the employer.

    A helpful approach is to make up a complete CV of all your experience, but never send this version with a job application. Look at the position requirements, and the company hiring, and assemble a shorter CV from the complete one, including the experience which fits that position and company. In your cover letter, include a statement such as: “More details of my background and experience are available on request.” 

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