How To Clean Your Laptop Screen Properly

17:40' 04-07-2018
Laptop screens now have higher durability and resolution than their predecessors. However, dirt or fingerprints on the screen can reduce the clarity and longevity of the device.

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    Frequent cleaning is extremely important, and can be done easily and effectively without damaging your laptop.


    Use microfibre cloth, a special fabric used for cleaning glasses or cameras. Bath towels are soft enough for screen cleaning, but usually leave lint, and tissue paper is too rough. Microfibre cloth doesn't have these disadvantages.

    Shut down your laptop to ensure safety and see dust on the screen more easily. Wipe the screen gently in one direction until the dust is completely removed. Do not wipe it in circles or rub it, because this does not remove dust thoroughly, and can damage the screen.


    Although cloth can remove some stains, it also gets dirty, leaving smear marks. For stains it is best to use the type of sponge you use for washing dishes.

    Wet an unused sponge only with distilled, filtered or deionised water. Avoid using tap water, as it can leave mineral deposit streaks.

    Take out the laptop battery before you begin. When you wipe the stained areas, be careful not to let water drip. After cleaning the screen, wait for it to dry before closing the laptop.

    Oil and adhesives

    Some stains cannot be cleaned with a towel or sponge. For them, you should use a specialised cleaning solution. These solutions can be bought at the store, or made by mixing distilled water with vinegar or high isopropyl alcohol.

    Avoid using glass cleaning solutions, and don't spray anything directly on the screen.

    Moisten the cloth, without wetting it too much, and rub the stained surface in small circles. Wipe gently to avoid crushing the screen. It is better to spend more time than pay for repairs later.

    Don't let the solution drip onto the screen and keyboard. Wait for the screen to dry before closing the laptop or turning it on.

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