How To Find Comfort During Periods

17:33' 12-03-2019
Monthly periods are a continuing issue in every womans life, because this is the time when they both have a pain in their belly and an unpleasant odour in the vaginal area.

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    Proper Hygiene

    To prevent unpleasant odours, you should clean the vaginal area more often. After bathing or using the toilet, wash the area with warm water, then wipe it with a clean towel.

    You do not need to douche too deeply, or overuse a cleanser or wet paper, because chemicals or deodorants can cause inflammation if you have sensitive skin.

    Comfortable clothes

    Tight clothes are not a good choice for you at this time, as they cause heat and friction. This is one of the causes of unpleasant odours. Choose clothes that are loose and can help you mop up sweat.

    Sanitary pads

    You should change your sanitary pads every 3-4 hours. Holding them for too long can cause an unpleasant smell due to bacteria proliferation.

    Dr. Lauren Streicher, Associate Professor of obstetrics and gynaecology at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, says that many women and girls forget to take sanitary pads or tampons out after using them. Surprisingly, they may accidentally apply a new sanitary pad without taking out the used one.


    In addition to loose skirts and pants, you should use underpants that fit your body and are made of soft materials. This will help prevent abdominal pain during your period.

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