How to Make Your Clothes Last Longer

20:14' 14-09-2017
Washing and storing clothes the right way will extend their life. There are many things you can do to achieve this result.

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    • Wash similar colours together, don't mix dark and light clothes.
    • When hanging shirts, the hanger width should not be wider than the shirt shoulders.
    • Wash shirts with stained collars immediately, before hanging them up.
    • Dryers will break down the fibres of the fabric and cause garments to shrink and age prematurely.
    • Carry a small water spray bottle when travelling. When you unpack, give the shirts a quick spray and tug on the bottom of the hem. The wrinkles will come out naturally without needing to iron.
    • Put sachets of lavender or camphor in drawers and closets to repel pests like moths and keep your clothes smelling nice.
    • Wash jeans inside out to protect the colour.
    • To remove most stains, wet a cloth (not paper towel) with cold water and add a drop of detergent. Place another cloth beneath the stain. Press on the stain repeatedly to lift it out. Don't rub it, or you might damage the fabric.
    • Don't put dirty or muddy clothes straight into the washing machine. Brush out any mud carefully. Then place the garment in lukewarm water, moving it around to loosen and remove as much dirt as possible.
    • Use a butter knife or spoon to carefully scrape off tomato sauce. Put a few drops of detergent on the stain, and rinse with cold water from the underside of the garment, to push the stain out.
    • Flush coffee stains with cold water. Then use a mild cleaning solution (three parts water, one part detergent) to work the stain out.
    • When you buy a piece of jewellery, ask the salesperson how to take the best care of it.
    • Soak jewellery in lukewarm water, with a little soap or lemon, to loosen up the grime, then clean very gently with a soft brush, such as an old toothbrush.
    • Keep handbags stuffed to help retain their shape. Use acid-free tissue paper, never use newspaper.
    • Let soggy shoes air dry naturally in an open space, not in front of a heater.

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