How To Prevent Chapped Lips

20:27' 06-06-2018
Chapped lips are common in cold weather, because lip skin doesnt contain oil glands. When it is dry as well as cold, you could easily face this problem.

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    Use less matte lipstick

    Matte lipstick is not a good choice for winter, because it is not often rich in moisturiser, so your lips dry out. Choose lipstick that is high in moisturiser, and always apply lip balm first.

    Exfoliate your lips

    If you don't use a dedicated exfoliating product, mix a tablespoon of honey with a tablespoon of sugar, apply the mixture to your lips, and massage them gently to remove dead skin cells.

    Lip masks

    After exfoliating, use a lip mask to moisturise your lips. You can make your own by mixing pure honey, olive oil and shea butter.

    Cucumber mask

    Gently massage the lips with two slices of cucumber for 5-10 minutes every night to help moisturise them.

    Moisturising oil

    If your lips are severely dry and chapped, you might need moisturising oil to moisten them. Olive oil or coconut oil are good natural oils for this.

    Moisture from the inside

    Drinking a lot of water and eating more fruits to replenish moisture from the inside will help prevent dryness.


    If the humidity in the air is less than 30%, use a humidifier to ensure good respiration and prevent serious skin dehydration.

    Lip balm

    As with lipstick, use lip balm that is rich in moisturiser.

    Eat less spicy and acidic foods

    Foods that are acidic and spicy will remove the natural protective layer on the lips, making them drier. Eat more vitamin rich foods such as fruits and vegetables.

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