Iconic Cooking Ware Celebrates 60 Years In The Kitchen

18:03' 21-05-2018
Iconic CorningWare, the iconic quality bakeware with a blue Cornflower motif, celebrates its 60th anniversary this year.

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    The original glass-ceramic material, Pyroceram®, was discovered by accident in 1958 in the US, when Dr Donald Stookey was testing a type of glass plate in a furnace. The furnace malfunctioned, heating the glass to 900 degrees Celsius. However, instead of melting, the glass kept its form and turned white.

    The glass also accidentally fell to the floor but didn’t break.

    Unbreakable, and able to withstand higher temperatures than we find in the kitchen oven, the cookware made from this material can be used for cooking, serving and storing food. At first, however, it was used to make nose cones for rockets, and in other military applications.

    Because the cookware is made to last, shoppers are known to search antique stores and vintage markets in search of it. Now, 60 years later, new designs and styles have been introduced for every taste, and stoneware collections have also been introduced to provide home cooks with a more comprehensive range.

    The Classics range of casserole dishes with Pyrex glass lids ranges from $59.95 for 1 Litre dishes to $159.95 for the 5 Litre dishes. The range is suitable for oven, electric and halogen stovetops, and microwave use, and is fridge and freezer safe, and is available from David Jones and Peter’s of Kensington only.

    The CorningWare 60th Anniversary Collection, made of stoneware, is not suitable for stovetop use. It comprises four bakers, from 591ml to 2.8L, priced from $9 to $30 and available nationally at Big W.

    For the versatility and lifetime of the products, this is good value for money.

    For more details on the range available, please visit www.corellebrands.com.au.

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