Illegal Rubbish Dumping Still Costing Councils

13:35' 20-06-2018
Councils around Melbourne continue to be troubled by the illegal dumping of rubbish, attracting costs of thousands of dollars in removal and disposal expenses each year.

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    Although some of the problem is caused by the dumping of household rubbish, much of it seems to be connected to trades activity, in particular building and gardening services.

    Mulched garden waste, for example, is often dumped in parks, where most people will assume it is part of a normal Council operation. However, the mulch is often not suitable for parks. It can be contaminated with non-vegetable matter, harmful not only to plant life but to people using the park for recreation.

    Two years ago, Whitehorse Council appealed to citizens to report the dumping of mulch, asking them to record the vehicle registration of any truck dumping mulch which was not clearly marked as a Council vehicle. Recently, the Council has had to renew this appeal.

    Another major problem is the dumping of waste from building sites or home renovations, sometimes including the hazardous material asbestos. Dandenong Council reported that illegal asbestos dumping doubled from 2015 to 2016.

    In some cases, household rubbish is dumped when people move house. Last year a resident in Cardinia was surprised to find her own rubbish had been dumped secretly on a hillside. She had hired a skip for rubbish, and expected it to be disposed of it properly, but it seems the skip operator chose a cheaper option.

    Brimbank Council received nearly 5000 reports of illegally dumped rubbish and littering in 2016-17, and spent about $700,000 cleaning it up. The Council installed four Litter Deterrent Cameras, equipped with infra-red night vision, motion detectors and number-plate identification recognition technology, and is now installing another fifteen.

    Residents of all Councils who witness dumping activity are urged to note any details they can and pass the details on to their Council.

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