Improve Your Education With An Elective Subject

14:48' 26-04-2018
Most universities and colleges offer “elective subjects”, which are not part of the general course. Although they might seem to be an extra demand on your time, they have benefits worth considering, according to Lucie Towers of Insider Guides.


    New perspectives

    Electives outside your core studies help train your brain to think differently. You can explore thoughts, theories and ideas you might never meet anywhere else. A broader sense of what else is happening in the world can give you fresh ideas about your degree and future career path.

    New or specialised skills

    You can develop specialised skills that you might not learn outside the classroom. This can introduce you to new ways of working or approaching a topic.

    Impress employers

    Taking an elective shows potential employers that you’re versatile and flexible, and have a real interest in expanding your knowledge or learning new things. In most professional career areas, this is a highly desirable trait.

    Develop networks

    In elective studies, you mix and work with people who you might not have met otherwise. Working with people from diverse backgrounds builds up valuable teamwork skills. Most importantly, you can create networks that may prove useful during your later career.

    Enrich your university life

    Studying a different subject gives you a mental break from the demands of your core studies. It can make your university life fun, introduce you more quickly to Australian culture, or simply make new friends.

    Self discovery

    A new study can influence your values and thinking in ways you could not predict. You might discover an entirely new interest, or see your core program in a different way. In some cases, it could even lead you to the area of study you really want to pursue.

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