Improve Your Grammar With These Writing Apps

18:49' 09-05-2018
Writing well is a challenge, whether it is for academic or corporate purposes. Not only do you have to express your arguments clearly, you must also make sure your spelling and grammar are perfect.

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    In the past, there was no choice except to find a friend willing to check your work, or pay for a professional assessment. Nowadays it is much easier, because there are so many online or app-based grammar and language checkers to help you.

    Here are five of the more popular grammar apps, suggested by Insider Guides. Simply Google the name to find the website. Most of them cost from US$10 to US$30 a month. Hemingway is free with an initial setup cost of US$19.99.


    Available in an online, desktop, and app-based format, Ginger checks your spelling and grammar, picks up phonetic spelling mistakes, and can make your writing sound smoother and more natural. It also has English practice courses based on your mistakes, and translation ability for over 40 languages. The spell and grammar check is unreliable, and pop-ups can be annoying.


    Whitesmoke is a complete grammar-checking tool that integrates with Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook. The grammar checker analyses your work and explains why it’s wrong. The spell checker provides suggestions. It also has a plagiarism checker, and can translate into over 50 languages.


    Grammarly lets you choose the types of errors you want to catch, such as use of tense, spelling, stylistic errors, repetition, etc. The style-checker can be set to check for style of academic reports, business memos, personal blog posts, and more. It explains mistakes, and checks for plagiarism.


    Hemingway analyses your writing to make it clear and easy to understand, highlights sentences that are hard to read or too long, and tells you where you can use a different word for more impact. It also provides a readability score, the lower the better. It does not offer alternatives for misspelt words.


    CorrectEnglish was developed to evaluate US college applications. It provides instant proofreading, shows where to tighten up your writing, and provides alternatives and feedback in a range of different languages. There is also a template list of commonly-used documents.

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