Japanese Women's Secret To Looking Younger

15:27' 15-08-2018
Girls and women in the land of the rising sun are well known for looking younger than their real age. This is because they devote time to good skin care habits.

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    Start early

    Japanese women build up their awareness of skin care very early, paying attention to the beauty from the inside, not just the outside. Most develop the habits of eating healthily, frequently applying face masks and going to bed early from the time they are teenagers. They always drink plenty of water, eat less snacks and sweets, take vitamin supplements as prescribed by doctors, eat more vegetables and seafood, and drink green tea.


    Onsen, or soaking in hot springs, is a long-standing feature of Japanese culture. This habit not only helps them relax, but also stimulates blood circulation, and is good for bones and joints. Japanese women advise people to soak in hot water in the house or outside at least once a week.

    Face massage

    In addition to diet and the use of cosmetic products, the Japanese also usually massage their face. This helps tone up the facial muscles, boost their elasticity, and prevent wrinkles from forming.

    Clean and moisturise

    Japanese women never go to sleep before cleaning and moisturising their facial skin. Choosing a suitable cleanser to remove dirt and makeup is very important. This clears the pores, making them free from the bacterial accumulation that causes acne. Moisturising the skin helps maintain its moisture, reduce oil secretion and prevent signs of aging.

    Wear less makeup

    Always spending at least one day a week wearing no makeup helps the skin rest and relax. On these days, Japanese women only use cleansers and moisturisers.


    Japanese women are very careful about protecting their skin from the harmful effects of UV rays, so they always choose to buy cosmetics with high SPF. UV rays break down the skin's collagen structures and penetrate the dermis, causing premature aging, darkened skin and increased risk of skin cancer.

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