Job Advantages Of International Students

16:34' 22-02-2018
Getting a job helps international students learn more about life in Australia, as well as the obvious economic benefits. But it can be hard to find the right type of employment.

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    The key is to understand your particular experiences and skills that make you stand out from other employees. Belinda of Insider Guides says there are four “secret advantages” that international students have, to give you more job bargaining power when talking to employers.


    An international student brings new ideas and different perspectives to the workplace. This can make an employer’s organisation more diverse and well-rounded. Studies show that more diverse organisations are more innovative and can be more profitable.


    By studying in a foreign country, you have dared to leave friends, family and the culture you are most used to. This shows you are a committed person who knows how to make sacrifices and face challenges. You have high motivation and passion.

    Cultural capital”

    You are probably bilingual, unlike many Australians, and this is a skill an employer can use. Also, you have some specialised knowledge of the culture, economy or work practices of another region. Both things can help your employer compete in the global economy and communicate with overseas markets or clients.


    Most international students are very grown-up compared to Australian students. Your choice to study overseas has taught you to adapt to different circumstances and be highly independent. You will probably be able to work better under stress.

    International students can benefit by highlighting these qualities in job applications and interviews.

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