K-Pop Fans An Airline Nuisance

17:25' 21-01-2019
Fans of K-pop, Korean pop music, have created a security headache for Korean airlines.

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    In an attempt to take selfies with their favourite musicians, or get autographs, fans book first class seats to board planes. When they have successfully got a selfie or autograph,they leave the plane and cancel their tickets at the last minute.

    Their actions have caused anger for both passengers and officials, because under regulations all passengers then have to leave the plane for another security check.

    In one incident in early December, a Korean Air flight from Hong Kong to Seoul, was delayed for an hour because three fans boarded to see popular boy band Wanna One. This meant 360 other passengers also had to leave the plane with their carry-on luggage.

    Korean Air said at that time there had seen 35 similar incidents at Incheon Airport alone. The airline will try to discourage the practice by increasing financial penalties.

    Normally, unused tickets are refundable, with a “no-show” penalty of 50,000 to 120,000 won (about USD$44 to USD$106).

    From 1 January, passengers who cancel some international bookings after going through the departure process will be charged an additional 200,000 won.

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