Keeping Motivated At Work In Busy Periods

14:52' 26-04-2018
If you are flooded with a heavy workload, it can be very hard to keep up your motivation. There are a few practical steps you can take to adjust your attitude.

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    Self control

    When you feel there are too many tasks facing you, use this time as an opportunity to practice achieving peace of mind. Don't think of stress as a feeling of living in hell, let it be a guide to teach you how to keep calm and wise. Spending 5-10 seconds observing your surroundings, mindfully drinking a glass of cool water, or simply focus on a few breaths in and out. Then think about your strengths and weaknesses, how to prepare a plan, what you can handle earliest, or who you can ask for help.

    Deal with tasks one by one

    Whether you have 20 tasks or 100, you cannot do them all at once. No matter how good you are, handling too many tasks at the same time just makes you stressful. Just focus on the most important task first, and do the other ones in order of importance over a period of time.

    You can delegate, remove, or delay tasks if you prioritise them by their impact. Start with tasks that have the earliest deadline, or if there is no particular deadline, choose the one that seems most difficult. With that out of the way, your feeling about the other tasks could be more optimistic.

    Identify the purpose

    Ask yourself what this task means, why you must do it, for whom and how effectively. Immerse yourself in the task and focus on it. Once you have mastered the principles of concentration and purposes of your job, you will finish it quickly and efficiently.

    Learn to let go

    Too much work makes you feel as if you are on the run. Life is not a marathon, but if you keep trying to take part in a marathon every day, you will only lose your strength. Remind yourself to try and take a rest, be aware of what you can really do, and note the support you need from others. You may not be perfect, but if you can always do well in what you are good at, learning more as you explore it every day, that is a success.

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