Know How To Choose The Right Heels

14:28' 24-10-2017
For many women, high heels are considered a useful fashion item to help their body shape look better and make them stand out. However, not everyone knows the right way to choose a beautiful and comfortable pair of shoes.

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    If you do not want to hurt your feet or create a difficult situation with the wrong heels, take note of the following things.


    There are a lot of materials used to design a pair of high heels. However, if you have to wear high heels often, experts recommend you choose shoes made of real leather or suede to ensure the softness and comfort for the feet. Hard materials can easily cause rubbing, which can lead to swollen feet.

    Check at the store

    Many people have the habit of just looking at the design of the shoes, and trying them on quickly for size. This is not enough to get you the best pair of shoes.

    • Try the shoes on, and walk around the store a little to determine their slope and size.
    • Notice how they behave when you stop, start, or turn.
    • Close your eyes and feel if your legs are really comfortable in them.


    Soles that are too small will put your feet under a lot of pressure. You should choose block or flat heel shoes to help your legs feel comfortable.

    Think about how long you might have to spend on your feet, what sort of surfaces you will be walking on, and what it will feel like to dance in these shoes.


    A important detail that many people ignore is that our feet have a tendency to increase in size in the late afternoon and evening, especially on hot days.

    Therefore, these are the times you should spend time buying shoes. If you buy shoes early in the morning, it means you are more likely to end up with shoes that are smaller than your feet at later times.

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