Know When Your Car Needs New Tyres

19:33' 23-11-2017
Tyres become worn and damaged after a long period of use. If they are not replaced regularly, tyre problems drivers will cause accidents. To ensure safety when using tyres, you should note some ways to recognise their quality and the right time to renew them.

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    First, check the wear of the tread. Tyres can still be used while their tread remains. There are tread wear indicators on tyres. If your tyre tread wears down to these indicators, your tyres must be renewed.When the tyre tread is worn below the permissible level, not changing your tyres is dangerous.


    Second, check the production year. The production date is shown as a four digit code. The first two digits of the code represent the week of production during the year (from 1 to 52), while the second two digits represent the year of manufacture.

    Car manufacturers specify that tyres can be used for a maximum of five years from the production date, regardless of whether they are still new or worn. So, if they are replaced before this deadline, you can be sure they are safe.

    Problems while driving

    If your car is not running smoothly, this indicates the tyres may be damaged or too worn.

    Hearing strange sounds or feeling strange vibrations in the car may also be a sign of tyre trouble, especially if you are feeling vibrations in the steering wheel. That suggests the tyres may be worn unevenly.

    If you stop to check your tyres, and do not detect any abnormalities, keep driving as slowly as possible and have the car checked at a garage.

    Damaged tyres

    If a tyre is found to be damaged, deflate it and replace it with the spare one. However, during and after driving, tyre pressure increases due to heat. Never reduce the pressure by deflating the tyre when it is hot.

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