Labor Gets Straight Back To Work

02:40' 07-12-2018
Since winning the State Election on 24 November, the successfully returned infrastructure projects, led by Premier Daniel Andrews, has continued the infrastructure projects which formed a major plank of its campaign.

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    The North East Link was put out to market on its first day in office, calling for expressions of interest from builders to widen the Eastern Freeway and construct a 6 kilometre tunnel, giving local roads back to local residents.

    Contracts for the $200 million early works package will be signed towards the end of 2019, and work is expected to get underway in 2020.

    Work also continues on the removal of level crossings, beginning with the two dangerous and congested crossings in Surrey Hills and Mont Albert. In its first four-year term, the government exceeded its target of removing half the crossings.

    Counting the votes from the election is still underway, but show a clear victory for Labor, leading with nearly 43% of the primary vote over Liberal, with nearly 31%. This gives Labor 36 seats in the Lower house, against 15 for the Liberals.

    The election surprised many observers, with some traditional Liberal seats, such as Hawthorn and Gembrook, swinging to Labor. The Greens polled poorer than expected, but have retained three seats.

    NSW will go to its own State election in March. This will no doubt be closely watched, as a Federal election is considered almost certain for May.

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