Last Chance To Win A New Hyundai

19:29' 23-04-2018
Greyhounds Entertainment, at Sandown Park, View Road, Springvale, has been offering a free car to diners and TAB customers since 12 March.

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    The prize can be won with a scratchie ticket, given to diners who spend at least $10 on food or beverages, and TAB customers who spend at least $20. Some of the tickets are instant prize winners for $100 petrol, but all tickets go into a lucky draw.

    This promotion does not last forever, and it finishes on Sunday 29 April. At 8.30pm the winning ticket will be drawn, and some lucky person will win a 2018 Hyundai Accent.

    There are two dining venues at the site. Dawson's Bistro is open for dinner from 5.30pm, or you could try the Trackside Noodle Bar, open from 11.30am.

    To find out more, please visit or the Facebook page.

    Span Hanna




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