Life Skills For Students Far Away From Home

19:33' 11-07-2018
Young people studying far away from home need to know important life skills for their comfort and safety.

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    Personal care

    Our appearance can greatly affect our working and social relationships. Bathing and brushing our teeth are very simple but extremely important. In addition, participating in physical activities such as sport, bodybuilding, or walking daily also makes us healthier and more self-confident.

    Household management

    Cleaning rooms and tidying individual items away help create a creative and inspiring learning space. Children must be taught how to sort and wash their laundry, store their belongings, and keep their living space tidy.


    Young people who live alone need to know how to handle money, and make a budget for shopping and paying bills. They also need advice about how to save money. Parents can help by listing what they spend on rent, bills, food, medicine, and everyday items. They also need to make it clear how to judge the importance of things and their cost.


    Cooking skills are best learned while still at home, where you can practice with the help of parents. It is also important to understand nutrition, and how to plan meals for the week, prepare them, and what basic ingredients to buy.

    Independent travel

    Before travelling overseas, children can practice how to travel by themselves locally, to learn how long it takes, how much it costs, and how to deal with unexpected problems such as a change of routine, or a missed or cancelled service.


    If time allows, learning some self-defence such as martial arts, boxing, etc., can be useful. However, it is better to learn how to judge the possible dangers in a situation, how to avoid danger, and who to contact in the event of danger.

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