Live Without Bills Or Rent For A Year

19:32' 09-01-2018
Australian property group Mirvac is looking for a Victorian family to live in a ground-breaking energy-smart house with no rent and no power bills for a year.


    Mirvac's “House with No Bills” is a home without energy or gas bills. The home will look, feel and operate just like a typical home, but has been designed to reduce its reliance on electricity, to the point it will not generate any electricity bills.

    The energy costs are reduced by roof insulation, solar PV panels, LED lighting, energy efficient appliances and smart metering and monitoring systems to help homeowners keep track of their energy use.

    Mirvac will build the house in partnership with the CSIRO’s Evergen team. It will feature intelligent energy management developed by the CSIRO, using solar and batteries, along with Schneider electric smart home automation to reduce reliance on energy from the grid.

    The “House with No Bills” will be home to a key worker family of four over a 12 month period. As a long-range study, Mirvac will follow their energy usage to uncover how average families consume energy, and how the house design and associated sustainable technology performs. The data will shed light on how to roll out this home model on a wider scale.

    The study is an important step towards creating affordable energy efficient communities across Australia. Initiatives of this kind will be critical to lowering emissions across the residential sector, a major concern of the Victorian Government.

    Between now and 2050, an estimated two million new homes are expected to be built in Victoria. The government's Energy Efficiency and Productivity Strategy, released last November, is investing $8.9 million to improve energy efficiency regulations for new homes.

    Applications for the opportunity to live in the bill-free house are open until Wednesday 31 January.

    If you are interested, visit

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