Maintaining A Slim Body Shape

17:51' 14-11-2017
As your wedding approaches, the last thing you want is a change of body weight. You can keep a stable shape and clear skin by including low-sugar fruits in your diet.

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    The number one choice is grapefruit. It tastes slightly sour and sweet, helping reduce cravings for junk food.


    This fruit has a slight sweetness, and also is useful for the skin. Its high fibre content makes it ideal if you want to lose weight.

    Orange and tangerine

    As low-sugar and low-calorie fruits, you can eat as much as you like without gaining weight. Their high vitamin C content helps rejuvenate the skin and prevent oxidation, reducing wrinkles.


    Kiwifruit can help lose weight effectively because they contain quite a bit of sugar, supporting you in control of your intake of food while still ensuring enough necessary nutrients for the body.


    If you do not like sour fruits, choose papayas instead. Their abundant vitamins A, C and potassium help boost immunity and can increase breast size.


    With a high nutrient content, apples are fruits you should consume daily, as a whole fruit, or in juices or salads.


    Melons are popular for their pleasant sweet and cool taste. This fruit is both low in sugar and has a high nutrient content.

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