Making A Small House Appear Spacious

20:30' 14-06-2018
One of the biggest mistakes in arranging furniture for any type of room is the use of only small-sized fixtures and fittings. The site Freshome offers a strange tip for making small house look spacious: buy the biggest furniture possible. Of course, you should not buy only big furniture, but you need at least a few such things in each room.

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    • A mirror is effective in reflecting light and creating a sense of space duplication. You can achieve a spacious look by placing a large mirror on the wall, or standing on the floor.

    • The bedroom is where you rest, so do you really need a desk, a TV, a reading lounge, or even a dressing-table? Give priority to the most important detail in the room: the bed. If there is any empty space, consider adding a bedside lamp or a bookshelf. Another way to make a bedroom look spacious is to place the bed next to a wall.

    • It is good to make space around furniture when you live in a big house. However, if your house is small, take advantage of any space by placing furniture next to the wall, or use built-in furniture.

    • One of the first things in your house that catches the eye of you or your visitor is the floor covering. To make your tiny living space look bigger, lay the largest carpet you can find on the floor. The best option is to measure the floor and buy a carpet that is 5-7 cm smaller in each dimension. You should also choose carpets with large sized patterns.

    • The first thing you notice in a room is probably not its narrow size, but the decorations. Big pictures will make a small space more attractive and create an illusion of space.

    • Common advice for small living rooms is to use a sofa that is big enough for 2-3 people. However, if you regularly sit here with your family and friends, choose a spacious and soft corner sofa that is big enough for everyone. It will be the ideal place for the whole family to gather.

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